Clinical Protocols And Resources

January 2018

New/updated forms in Emisweb
*Community Podiatry Referral Form
*Covert Admin of Meds Letter
*Sporting Chance over 50’s Referral Form
*SPA Referral Form – ICT THERAPY – FALLS – Updated
*Vasectomy Service – Updated
*2WW Upper GI – updated
*Open Access Gastroscopy – new
*SPA COPD – updated
*SPA – Continence Advisory Service – Adult – new
*SPA – Heart Failure Nurse – updated
*SPA – Pulmonary Rehabilitation – updated
*SPA – Phlebotomy – updates
*SPA – Tubercolosis – new
*SPA MRSA – new

New/updated on this Platform

*Community Podiatry Referral Form
*Adults at Risk Flow Chart added
*Child Protection Flow Chart and Contact Details
*Domestic Abuse weblink to pathways
*Multi-Agency Confirmation Form (MACF) – Also in Emisweb as mergeable document
*Domestic violence web link for Sheffeild DACT and ACTION
*Safeguarding Sheffield Children web link added
*Domestic Violence referral Pathway


Document TitleLast ReviewedOwnerTags
Marac Form16.01.18R.TAdults at Risk, Safeguarding
Safeguarding Alert Form16.01.18R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding
Anticoagulation Guidelines19.01.2015R.CCardiology INR
FPS Safeguarding Master Policy08.11.2017R.TFGM Exploitation Adults at Risk Child Protection Safeguarding
Adult Safeguarding Contact Numbers16.01.18R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding
Domestic Violence Referral Pathway16.01.18R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding
Vulnerable Adults Web Link16.01.18R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding
Womens Aid Local Help16.01.18R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding Domestic Abuse
Familial Breast Cancer Primary Care Pathway22.10.2015R.TFamily History Breast Cancer
Familial Breast Cancer Summary for GP's22.10.2015R.TFamily History Breast Cancer
Tamoxifen: Breast Cancer Chemoprevention22.10.2015R.TFamily History Breast Cancer
Cancer Protocol22.10.2015R.TCancer
Macmillan 1 2 1
Sheffield Rapid Access - Chest pain service - Referral Form08.12.2016P.KChest
Electrocardiogram Referral Form08.12.2016R.CCardiology ECG
INR - Not in Range22.10.2015R.CAnticoagulation Cardiology
Atrial Fibrillation Protocol29.10.2015R.CAF A.F
Cholesterol Management06.11.2015R.CLipid
CHD Protocol06.11.2015R.CCoronary Heart Disease Cardiology
CHD Management06.11.2015R.CCoronary Heart Disease Cardiology
Heart Failure Protocol26.10.2015R.CCardiology
Heart Failure - Referral Form26.10.2015R.CCardiology
Heart Failure - Pharmacological Therapy and Monitoring26.10.2015R.CCardiology
Hypertension Management26.10.2015R.CHigh Blood Pressure B.P BP
BP Measurements in Children23.09.2015R.C B.P Hypertension High Blood Pressure
BP Monitoring - HCA Protocol29.09.2015R.CB.P Hypertension High Blood Pressure
Hypertension Diagnosis and Management - Guidelines for Nurses26.10.2015R.CBP B.P High Blood Pressure
Care of BP Monitor - Patient Form29.09.2015R.CB.P High Blood Pressure Hypertension
Challenging Behaviour Protocol22.10.2015A.KDementia Care home LPV Longley Learning Disabilities Disability Difficulties
Care Home - Incident Report Form02.02.2015A.KLPV Longley
CKD Protocol26.10.2015L.AChronic Kidney Disease
CKD Info Diagram26.10.2015L.AChronic Kidney Disease
CKD - New Classification Table using GFR ACR26.10.2015L.AChronic Kidney Disease
SPA Community Physiotherapy Referral Form26.10.2015R.CSPA Single Point Access Falls Physiotherapy Urgent chest
Dental Problems - GP Responsibilities26.10.2015R.TDental Dentist Teeth
Dental Referral Form26.10.2015R.TDental Dentist Teeth
Diabetes Diagnosis Algorithm09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Diabetes Treatment Flow chart09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Diabetes - Nurse Protocol09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Diabetes Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Exenatide Protocol09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Initiating Exenatide09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Insulin Initiation in Type 2 Diabetics09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Timing of other Medications with Exenatide09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
footcare Pathway09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic
Specialist Nurse Referral Form - Community Diabetes Service09.11.2015L.SDiabetes Diabetic DESMOND
Fasting and Diabetes12.07.2017L.SRamadan Diabetes Diabetic
Diabetes and Pregnancy12.07.2017L.SDiabetes Diabetic Pregnancy
DMARDS - Shared Care Protocols12.07.2017L.SDMARDS Medication Drug Monitoring Medicine
Diet and Orlistat Protocol26.10.2015R.TDietetics Weight Management
Anaphylaxis Protocol26.10.2015R.TEmergency Medicine Shock Adrenaline Medication Drugs
Palliative Care Protocol29.10.2015R.TDeath End of life
End of life for People with Learning Difficulties26.10.2015R.TDeath End of life Palliative care LD Learning Disability Disabilities
Palliative care Overview Form29.10.2015R.TDeath End of life Palliative care
Palliative Care Pack29.10.2015A.KDeath End of life Palliative care
Palliative Care Formulary29.06.2015R.TDeath End of life Palliative care Medication
DNACPR Form08.04.2015R.TDo Not Attempt Resuscitation Death End of life Palliative care Medication
OOH Fax Special Patient Note Form11.04.2016R.TDeath End of life Palliative care
Medical Examiner Form11.04.2016R.TDeath End of life Palliative care
Death Certification Process Flow Chart11.04.2016R.TDeath End of life Palliative care
Abnormal Liver Function Test Guidance28.07.2016L.ALFT Gastroenterology
Upper GI Endoscopy/ dyspepsia referral form08.10.2015R.TUpper Gi Endoscopy Dyspepsia Gastroenterology
Coeliac Prescribable Products list12.07.2017R.CGluten free Coeliac Gastroenterology
H-Pylori Info18.10.2016A.KH-Pylori HPylori Helicobacter pylori in dyspepsia Gastroenterology
Liver Blood Test Results26.10.2016R.TGastroenterology
UKMEC guidelines - criteria for Contraceptive use31.10.2016R.TContraception Contraceptive Sexual Health
Chlamydia - Management08.10.2015R.TSexual Health infection transmission
Cytology Sampling - Management08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
HPV screening08.10.2015R.Tcervical Human Papillomavirus
Cervical Cytology Info Pack08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
Cervical Screening Facts - English08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
Cervical Screening Facts - Farsi08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
Cervical Screening Facts - Polish08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
Cervical Screening Facts - Punjabi08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
Cervical Screening Facts - Urdu08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
Cytology Training for Sheffield GPSTP – Protocol08.10.2015R.TCervical Smear screening
Colposcopy Failsafe08.10.2015R.TColposcopy Gyanecology
Contraception Protocol27.04.2017R.TSexual Health Oral Contraceptive
Pre-Conceptual Advice08.10.2015R.TFamily Planning Pregnancy
Emergency Contraception27.04.2017R.TSexual Health contraceptive
GUM Referral Form08.10.2015R.TSexual Health genitourinary
Re-issuing Combined Oral Contraceptive08.10.2015R.TSexual Health Contraception
Menorrhagia Protocol08.10.2015R.TMenstrual
Safeguarding Sexually Active Young People - Sheffield Web link13.07.2017R.TSafeguarding Sexual Health
Sexual Health - Under 16's08.10.2015R.TSexual Health Safeguarding
Termination of Pregnancy Protocol08.10.2015R.TPregnancy Pregnant
Pathlinks Protocol01.11.2015R.CHaematology Pathology
HIV Testing Algorithm08.10.2015R.CHIV H.I.V
HIV Clinical Indicators08.10.2015R.CHIV H.I.V
BCG Vaccination Referral Form08.10.2015R.TImms immunisation
Abdominoplasty Questionnaire08.10.2015R.TIndividual Funding Requests
Breast Asymmetry Questionnaire08.10.2015R.TIndividual Funding Requests
Breast Reduction Questionnaire08.10.2015R.TIndividual Funding Requests
Gynaecomastia Questionnaire08.10.2015R.TIndividual Funding Requests
Tonsillectomy Questionnaire08.10.2015R.TIndividual Funding Requests
Varicose Vein Questionnaire08.10.2015R.TIndividual Funding Requests
Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori08.10.2015R.TInfectious Disease
Infectious Disease Referral Info08.10.2015R.TInfectious Disease
Notification of Diseases - Infectious Disease07.06.2017R.TInfectious Disease
Challenging Behaviour Foundation26.06.2015R.TLearning Disability Disabilities Difficulties
Community Team for Learning Difficulties26.06.2015R.TLearning Disability Disabilities Difficulties
Easy Health Website Link13.07.2017R.TLearning Disability Disabilities Difficulties
Hospital Passport26.06.2015R.TLearning Disability Disabilities Difficulties
My Health Booklet26.06.2015R.TLearning Disability Disabilities Difficulties
Support Services - Community Nurses26.06.2015R.TLearning Disability Disabilities Difficulties
Support Services - Health Facilitators26.06.2015R.TLearning Disability Disabilities Difficulties
Sheffield Antibiotic Guidelines25.11.2014R.CMedication Medicine Drugs
Hospital Only Drugs Protocol01.07.2015R.CMedication Medicine Drugs
Medication Review Process06.11.2015R.CMedication Medicine Drugs
Prescription Slip review/ Action06.11.2015R.CMedication Medicine Drugs
Medication - Referral to Dr06.11.2015R.CMedication Medicine Drugs
Depression Protocol08.10.2015R.TMental Health
Emotional Wellbeing Referral Form For Pakistani and Arabic Patients08.10.2015R.TMental Health Depression
Mental Capacity Act Info14.07.2017R.TMental Health Depression
IAPT Website14.07.2017R.T Mental Health Depression
PHQ 908.10.2015R.T Mental Health Depression phq9
PHQ 9 Sharp Version08.10.2015R.T Mental Health Depression phq9
Patient Contact Numbers for Mental Health Team27.04.2017R.TMental Health Depression
Sharp Website14.07.2017R.TMental Health Depression
Minor Surgery Service04.10.2016L.Aminor ops operation
CFS/ ME Overview08.10.2015A.KChronic Fatigue Syndrome Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Neurology
CFS/ ME Diagnosis and Referral Guide08.10.2015A.KChronic Fatigue Syndrome Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Neurology
CFS/ ME Useful contacts for GP's08.10.2015A.KChronic Fatigue Syndrome Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Neurology
EMG and Nerve conduction Studies Form08.10.2015A.Kelectromyogram Neurology
Epilepsy Management Protocol08.10.2015L.SNeurology
Epilepsy patients referred for preconception counselling - Info08.10.2015R.TPre-conception Pregnancy Family Planning Neurology
Valproate and Risk of Abnormal Pregnancy02.03.2016R.TNeurology family planning
PEARS Optometrists - generic mail box address05.04.2016L.SOptometry
ADHD shared care protocol22.10.2015R.TPaediatrics Attention Disorder
Child Circumcision Leaflet 22.10.2015R.TPaediatrics
Growth Chart Boys 0-4 years22.10.2015R.TPaediatrics
Growth Chart Girls 0-4 years22.10.2015R.TPaediatrics
Melatonin in the treatment of Sleep Disorders in Children22.10.2015R.TPaediatrics
Normal Physiological Values - Children24.06.2015R.TPaediatrics
MAST Referral Guidance22.10.2015R.TPaediatrics CAMHS Safeguarding Child Protection Abuse
MAST Referral Form22.10.2015R.TPaediatrics CAMHS Safeguarding Child Protection Abuse
Asthma Protocol 09.01.2015R.CRespiratory Respiration
COPD Guidelines26.10.2015R.CRespiratory Respiration Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Management of COPD09.07.2015R.CRespiratory Respiration Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Inhalers in COPD26.10.2015R.CRespiratory Respiration Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Respiratory Function Tables26.10.2015R.CRespiratory Respiration Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD Asthma
Adult basic life support and Automated External-defibrillation14.07.2017R.CCPR resuscitation
Sepsis - Toolkit for under 5's14.07.2017R.TSepsis
Sepsis - Toolkit for 5 - 11 year olds14.07.2017R.TSepsis
Sepsis - Toolkit for Adults and Young People14.07.2017R.TSepsis
Sepsis - Toolkit for Pregnant Women14.07.2017R.TSepsis
Alcohol Misuse Protocol07.09.2015R.TSubstance Misuse
Alcohol Misuse - Guidance07.09.2015R.TSubstance Misuse
Alcohol Screening Website14.07.2017R.TSubstance Misuse
CRI Open Access Drugs Service19.09.2015R.TSubstance Misuse
UTI in Adults and children19.09.2015R.TUrology Urinary Tract Infection
Optimising Vitamin D01.04.2016R.TVitd Vit d
Adult Vitamin D Algorithm and Guidance07.06.2017R.TVitd Vit d
Child Vitamin D Algorithm and Guidance07.06.2017R.TVitd Vit d
Post Bariatric Surgery Protocol01.09.2015R.TObesity Weight management
Eating Disorder Referral Guidelines19.09.2015R.TWeight management
Eating Disorder - Letter19.09.2015R.TWeight management
Eating Disorders - Self Help Questionnaire19.09.2015R.TWeight management
Eating Disorder - 5 Areas Assessment Form19.09.2015R.TWeight management
Eating Disorders - Assessment Form19.09.2015R.TWeight management
Eating Disorders - Referral Form19.09.2015R.TWeight management
Eating Disorders - Toolkit19.09.2015R.TWeight management
Safeguarding Adults and Children CCG Website17.07.2017R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Fabricated Illness27.04.2017R.TInduced Illness FII Safeguarding Child Protection
Child Protection Flow Chart and Contact Details16.01.2018R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Local Schools Safeguarding leads15.03.2017R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Female Genital Mutilation Protocol05.11.2015R.TFGM Safeguarding Child Protection
Female Genital Mutilation Guidance04.12.2016R.TFGM Safeguarding Child Protection
Child Safeguarding GP Training Guidance18.05.2016R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Child Protection Protocol18.05.2016R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Child Protection Admin Form16.01.2018R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Child Sexual Exploitation - Spotting the Signs18.05.2016R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
CAF Form18.05.2016R.TC.A.F DFES Safeguarding Child Protection
Safeguarding Children - Contacts for Staff16.01.18
R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding Protocol18.05.2016R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
M.A.S.T Referral Guidance19.09.2015R.TMast Safeguarding Child Protection Multi Agency Support Team
M.A.S.T Referral Form19.09.2015R.TMast Safeguarding Child Protection Multi Agency Support Team
Safeguarding Children Young People - Toolkit for General Practice22.10.2015R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Suicide and Self Harm Prevention
27.07.2017R.TMental Health at risk Depression
Mental Health and Learning Disabilities27.07.2017R.TMental Health LD Learning Disabilities Depression
Prevent Policy01.08.2017R.TCounter Terrorism
How to guide for completing the Pink Card01.08.2017L.HPalliative Care End of Life
Key points for use of Community Administered Medication Record Pink Card01.08.2017L.HPalliative Care End of Life
Family Planning - Printable Leaflets01.08.2017R.TSexual Health Contraception LARC
Malaria Prophylaxis01.08.2017R.TTreatment Medication Drugs Travel
Hep B infection information21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Acne (Spots)21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Acute Sinusitis (Adults)21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Constipation21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Cough in Adults21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Fever in Children21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Headache21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Heartburn and Indigestion21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Low Back Pain21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Middle Ear Infection21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Sore Throat21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
Sprain and Strains21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
The Common Cold (Adults)21.08.2017R.TRoma Slovak
RCGP - Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Harm Toolkit 21.08.2017R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding
CASES Weblink12.09.2017R.Ccases Referral Referrals GP Support
Headaches in Children - Pathway13.09.2017R.TPaediatrics
Swollen neck node in Children - Pathway13.09.2017R.TPaediatrics
Children with a Heart Murmur - Pathway13.09.2017R.TPaediatrics
CASES Top Tips14.09.2017R.Ccases Referral Referrals GP Support
Community Support Worker Info16.09.2017R.TCSW contacts
Adults at Risk Flowchart16.01.2018R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding
Domestic Abuse weblink to pathways16.01.2018R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding domestic abuse
Multi-Agency Confirmation Form (MACF)16.01.2018R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding domestic abuse available in EMISWEB
Domestic Violence Sheffield dact weblink 16.01.2018R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding domestic abuse
Domestic Violence weblink 16.01.2018R.TAdults at Risk Safeguarding domestic abuse
Safeguarding Sheffield Children Weblink16.01.2018R.TSafeguarding Child Protection
Community Podiatry Referral Form05.03.18L.SDiabetes Podiatry Foot Diabetic