Self Help

Feeling Unwell? Choose the right service

Do I really need to see the doctor? As a patient of the practice you can help us and help yourself by asking this question when you suffer from minor coughs, colds and virus infections. You can usually treat yourself if you are suffering from these conditions with simple remedies readily available from the pharmacy. Your local pharmacist will advise you. Paracetamol, or aspirin will help with headaches and the aches and pains which come along with infections, along with an increased intake of fluid and rest. Antibiotics will not help and in most cases are not needed at all. Remember that your symptoms may last for over a week. You should only need to see a doctor if your symptoms persist for more than a few days, or are unusually severe, or you have some other long term illness such as chronic diabetes, emphysema, diabetes or heart trouble. 

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