Travel Vaccinations

Travelling Abroad?
Our Practice Nurses can offer you advise on your Travel requirements. It is essential you arrange your appointment well in advance of travelling, at least 8 weeks. The nurses will be able to advise you personally regarding travel vaccinations, malaria prevention & general health issues relating to your specific destination.  Some of the travel vaccines are on the NHS free of charge eg. Hep A, Typhoid, Tetanus, whilst others incur charges. See our website or notice boards in the Practice on travel charges.


Tips for Healthy Travelling abroad

Vaccinate yourself against travel related diseases

Take extra prescription medication to cover you whilst away

Protect yourself against malaria

Take care in the sun, apply high factor sun cream, wear a hat & sunglasses.

Drink water to avoid dehydration

Ensure food is fresh & thoroughly cooked

Use bottled water /boiled water to drink or clean teeth if necessary

Take out adequate Travel insurance & cover

Avoid sexually transmitted diseases & avoid casual sex.


Recommended Time Limits & Practice Fees

Vaccine Duration Fee
Hepatitis A
At least 2-4 weeks before Travel. Booster Dose at 6-12 months
10 years Free
At least 2 week before Travel
3 years Free
Meningitis ACWY
At least 2 weeks before Travel
5 years Private prescription
£10 Admin,£10 Certificate
Hepatitis B
At least 8-10 weeks before Travel. Course of 3 –  Day 0,1 & 6 months Or accelerated course
3-5 years £ 35 per dose x 3 in total
A course of 3, 1 month apart Or booster dose
10 Years Free
At least 6-8 weeks before Travel. Course of 3 day 0,7,28
3 years Private prescription
Admin £10
Japanese Encephalitis
At least 6 weeks before Travel
3 years Private prescription
Admin   £10
Tick Borne Encephalitis
4- 12 weeks before
1 year Private prescription
Admin £10