Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

 Aims and Objectives:

Our prime purpose here at Firth Park Surgery is to offer the BEST care we can to patients to meet the complex medical needs of a very vulnerable, ethnically diverse and socio-economically deprived population. Care, compassion and communication are at the heart of our service and these are a few of the areas we are particularly proud of and committed to:

  • Deliver services that are responsive to the needs of our patients and our commissioners
  • Review and seek to improve our service at all levels, from the clinical through to the provision of support staff, to ensure services are relevant to people’s health and social needs
  • Act with integrity, compassion and confidentiality, to build trust with all our patients
  • Ensure safe and effective services and environment – monitored by regular reviews and audits to ensure services are continuously improved
  • Protect our patients by offering high levels of safeguarding support.
  • Meet the needs of the most vulnerable by offering specialist services for those with mental health problems, learning disabilities and vulnerable ethnic groups. We have a care planning service for those with long term conditions and Dementia as well as the care home service for our challenging behaviour unit.
  • Provide a welcoming, clean and well equipped environment in which patients and staff feel respected, valued and comfortable

We celebrate the loyalty and skills of our staff to support and provide the service we offer. We remain dedicated to:

  • Guide our employees in accordance with diversity and equality
  • Ensure effective and robust information governance systems
  • Treat all staff with dignity, respect and honesty to create an environment where their skills and responsibilities can develop
  • Invest time and energy into innovative ways of working, increasing workforce diversity by recruiting Physicians Associates, Pharmacy technicians, and a Medicines Management Assistant to support patients through their experience at Firth Park.
  • Develop mutually supportive relationships with the wider health care community. We were pioneers of the collaborative working with the Foundry Group ensuring we work within a trusted group of practices offering high level patient care. We formed a legal federation in 2016.

We are also committed to provide high quality education at undergraduate and post graduate levels.  The whole practice is invested to:

  • Support and teach the next generation of doctors, medical students, Physician Associates and Nurses to provide excellent clinical care and communication skills.
  • Provide a dynamic and nurturing environment to support their education.
  • In return our trainees feed our workforce ensuring we continue to have excellent clinicians to provide care for our patients.