Extended Access

Extended Access

Satellite hub Practices provide a range of NHS urgent and routine healthcare services on weekday evenings and at weekends through six ‘satellite hubs’ across Sheffield. All sites are existing GP surgeries and are staffed by Sheffield GPs and other practice staff. The services available include: urgent appointments with a GP, and practice nurse appointments for the following routine services: blood pressure checks, removal of stitches, dressing changes (patients must bring their new dressings with them to the appointment), asthma reviews/checks, diabetes checks/reviews, ear syringing, smears, blood tests. We also offer appointments with a physiotherapist for assessment of Musculoskeletal pain (at certain hubs).The receptionist or GP at your usual practice may offer you an appointment at one of these hubs if appropriate.

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The satellite hubs are:

The Crookes Practice, 203 School Road, Sheffield, S10 1GN.

The Healthcare Surgery, 63 Palgrave Road, Sheffield, S5 8GS.

Sloan Medical Centre, 2 Little London Road, Sheffield, S8 0YH.

Woodhouse Health Centre, 5-7 Skelton Lane, Sheffield, S13 7LY.

The Flowers Health Centre*, 87 Wincobank Avenue, Sheffield, S5 6AZ.

*open weekday evenings only

 Burncross Surgery, 1 Bevan Way, Sheffield, S35 1RN.
*open weekday evenings only


Satellite Hub Opening times

Monday             6pm to 10pm
Tuesday             6pm to 10pm
Wednesday       6pm to 10pm
Thursday           6pm to 10pm
Friday                6pm to 10pm
Saturday           10am to 6pm (Flowers and Burncross closed)
Sunday              10am to 6pm (Crookes and Woodhouse Hubs open 10am – 2pm. Flowers and Burncross closed)